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July 5, 2010

Just got finished with CONvergence in the Twin Cities; it’s a (relatively) family-friendly sci-fi con in the Twin Cities, although there’s a pretty heavy party aspect to it…but is there a sci-fi con that doesn’t say that? 🙂 This one had a few panels on hypnosis, including one on the very specific area of kinky hypnosis. I got to see some hypno-bondage, hypno-discipline (there was an actual spanking trigger!) and a rather impressive hypnotically induced orgasm. Modesty (and possible privacy concerns) forbear me from speaking further, but…it was fun. And now, I’m exhausted. (As you might be able to imagine from the fact that this was originally supposed to be a Wednesday post, but Wednesday was also when the con started.)

So, consider this tiny, inadequate post the best that I can do under the circumstances, and I’ll try to make next week’s a little more coherent!

Righteous Plug!

February 17, 2010

Things have actually been pretty quiet for me this week on the hypnosis front…but Lady Ru’etha’s been busy this last weekend. 🙂 She just got back from Fetish Flea Fair, in Providence, RI, and so my post this week is a big neon arrow pointing to Her blog with a sign under it that says, “Hey, you want to hear a bunch of cool hypnosis stories? Or, for that matter, a bunch of hot hypnosis stories? Go here!”

She’s not going to tell everything, of course, because She is wonderfully ethical and won’t break confidences, but She’ll be sharing everything She can over the course of Her next several posts. Anyone who likes my blog will adore this stuff. 🙂

More Memories of DragonCon

September 16, 2009

So on Saturday afternoon at DragonCon, I attended the “Hypnosis Facts and Fiction” panel. It was very well attended, although for a moment at the beginning I was deeply concerned that it was going to be derailed by a Bat. Shit. Insane. Cosplayer who started the whole thing off by asking how she could develop resistance to hypnosis because her arch-nemesis was an evil telepath. (I shit you not. This happened.) But she got shut down very quickly and deftly, and the panel proceeded to be a nice discussion of hypnosis, what it can do, and what it can’t do. (It was also crashed by David Fonteneau, but he was a welcome crasher with some very nice contributions on stage hypnosis and nobody minded that he didn’t actually have a badge. Shhh! Don’t tell any con staffers! 🙂 )

There was no actual hypnosis at that panel; that waited until 11:30 or so, when a room opened up and Lady Ru’etha could do a group induction. This was also quite well attended; about twenty to thirty people showed up and enjoyed what I swore at the time was a ten-minute long group trance, but which turned out to be twenty-eight minutes. I remember thinking that I wasn’t going as deep as usual, despite the happy tick of the metronome acting like an anchor to my brain…but when I came out, I found major time distortion and parts of my memory that had fogged over. (I’m familiar enough with Lady Ru’etha’s group inductions to know what probably happened during that time, but the line between imagination and reconstruction is blurry enough that I won’t bother trying. I just know it was niiiiice. 🙂 )

After that, She did a long period of questions and answers, of which there were a lot–the “hypno-posse” from Thursday night had been joined by a lot of new faces, so there really were a lot of people who’d never experienced deliberately induced trance before and had a lot of questions. (One of my Lady’s standard lines: Everyone has experienced trance. Everyone experiences it several times a day, because it’s a natural state of consciousness. You might not have been formally hypnotized, but you’ve been in trance.)

She did several rapid inductions–this is a technique for putting someone under that involves rapidly overwhelming their conscious mind with more input than they can handle in a short period, then at the exact moment where they’re overwhelmed, giving them just the right little “nudge” into hypnosis. Her induction involved moving Her hand rapidly in front of their face as their eyes followed it, then pulling them forward and saying “Sleep,” just at the moment where their eyes lost focus and started to glaze. It’s an absolutely adorable thing to watch.

Particularly when it involved a very, very adorable young woman in a corset who wandered in on her way back from a rave, saying, “I heard they were hypnotizing people in here!” But I’m getting ahead of myself a bit…

Lady Ru’etha made sure that everyone who wanted a turn got one, then started letting people goof around. We had two light and sound machines (the same things that got into my head so damn bad last year) and a couple of people tried them over the course of the night. Including the friend who’d joined us Thursday night, whose hypnosis interest seemed to have grown exponentially with a couple of days to think over what she’d experienced. (She also turned out to be an amusingly good subject, too; there were a couple of hypnotists in the room that night apart from Lady Ru’etha, and so she wound up dazing out more than a few times over the course of events.)

We all actually wound up going under a lot; Lady Ru’etha is more than a little mischievous when it comes to triggering trances, and She was in a room where at least five people had gone under for Her often enough that they were conditioned to respond to Her trance triggers (deliberately installed or otherwise.) We’d very frequently get into situations where She was hypnotizing one person, and when She looked up, three or four people had gone under.

I recall that after everyone had gone through at least one induction, one woman came back for seconds…and because, as I say, Lady Ru’etha has a mischievous streak to Her, seconds became thirds became fourths before She let her out of the chair. She’d wake her up, give her just a couple of seconds to realize that she was, in fact awake…and then snap Her fingers, or pick up the woman’s arm and drop it into Her outstretched hand, or just say, “Sleep”, and she’d go right back down again. It only lasted about two minutes, but the look in that woman’s eyes by the time she finally got up…OK, by the time she was finally allowed to get up…told me that she was heavily fractionated.

And a few more people joined us over the course of the night–mainly because the girl who was “just curious” about hypnosis on Thursday was telling people up and down the halls on her way to the bathroom, “It’s so awesome, they’re hypnotizing people down there! Go check it out!” Which led to a few people detaching themselves from the knot of dancing, parties, and raves in the central lobby (DragonCon is a serious party con), and wandering in. Including one very attractive girl in a corset who walked in saying, “I heard they were hypnotizing people in here!”

Turned out she’d just had her first experience with hypnosis about a week earlier when a stage hypnotist did a performance (we actually suspect that it might have been the aforementioned David Fonteneau), and she wanted to try some more. And she did…Lady Ru’etha blogged about this on Her own blog, but even at the time, I could see that little light in Her eyes that said, “I’m going to enjoy this about as much as an person can enjoy an essentially G-rated trance.” 😉 She gave the girl a rapid, a pocketwatch induction that left me craving so bad that I went up to Her a little bit later and asked for the same, and left the girl pleasantly drifting for a good twenty minutes (at her own request–she was clearly enjoying the trance experience, and when asked, “Do you want to come back up?”, said “Not yet.”) And meanwhile, her boyfriend found the light and sound machine…

By this point, Lady Ru’etha Herself was pretty hilariously fractionated. She commented to one person that She was probbly the easiest subject in the room, and I surprised both of us by running my finger down Her forehead and being quite gratified as She slumped sideways against me. (She’s adorable in trance. It makes me want to cuddle Her like a teddy bear.) I brought Her right back up, because it was Her party and I didn’t want Her to miss out on the chance to hypnotize people left, right and center, but it was a good example of how just the rapport trances were enough to leave Her fractionated.

My pocketwatch induction was right towards the end; I asked Her if She could hypnotize me with the pocketwatch (She has three, all presents from pets) and She cheerfully obliged. There’s something so deep-down satisfying about a traditional pocketwatch induction. It just feels so inevitable–you know what a pocketwatch does when a hypnotist dangles it in front of your eyes, you know what happens when you follow a pocketwatch with your eyes and they start getting heavy, and you just know that you’re going to sink into trance. (I think that the next time I ask Her to do it, I’m going to ask Her to compel my eyes to stay open, instead of compelling them to shut. I love that moment when your eyes flutter and roll back, and I’d love to try to extend it a bit longer.)

The whole evening was a long, happy blur of hypnosis, and it was about 3:30 AM by the time we finally headed back to the hotel room. We’d made a lot of new hypno-enthusiasts, probably more than a couple new hypno-fetishists, and what with all the fractionation, I think I lasted about thirty seconds between the time I lay down and the time I fell asleep.

Hypnosis and Sleep…Deprivation

July 25, 2009

Surprise! I wasn’t expecting to post until my usual Wednesday entry, but Lady Ru’etha commanded me to write something here this morning…and since obedience is pleasure, I felt suddenly compelled to work on it. 🙂


She also pointed out that there was a promise, a few posts ago, by me to my loyal readers to talk about what it was like to go through the first couple days of the convention on very little sleep…so here I am, ready to talk about it. It was primarily a matter of logistics; I work nights, and I have a Sunday through Thursday workweek…and the convention started Thursday morning and ran all weekend. So I basically needed to work Wednesday night, go to the con all day Thursday, work Thursday night, then go to the con Friday, and only on Friday night would I finally be able to crash.


The first thing that needed to be taken care of was driving. One of Lady Ru’etha’s fellow pets took the keys to my car Thursday morning, right after I’d shown him how to get to the hotel where the con was taking place (and didn’t do too great a job of that, although that wasn’t so much a sleep-dep thing as it was that I didn’t normally visit the part of town where the con was taking place. I took a brief nap when I got home from work, so I was still pretty OK to drive Thursday morning at 8 AM.)


But over the course of Thursday morning, I sort of mentally deflated. By noon, when we helped a bit with con set-up at one of the party rooms, I was having long periods where I’d just stare off into space, feeling light-headed and rubber-kneed. Lady Ru’etha was keeping an eye on me, though, and whenever She thought I needed it, She’d just look me in the eye, guide me into a seated position, and whisper, “Down.” I’d slump into a corner, or a chair, or wherever She put me, and trance out blissfully for about fifteen minutes. She said that was as good as two hours of sleep, but it felt more like about an hour to me. Even so, it was enough when She did it every two or three hours that I could keep going all day. (Including through a panel I helped present on “Hypnosis in Media” that I feel confident I rambled and babbled my way through. Still, I did warn the guests before-hand.)


I then got a ride to work from my fellow pet, and spent eight hours or so absolutely fried out of my wits on sleep-dep, caffeine, and residual fractionation. My work is primarily manual labor, though, and very repetitive; I’ve sometimes joked that I could do it in my sleep, and that night pretty much proved me entirely right. It’s almost a sort of drug high, with the free-floating endorphins of trance and the drowsiness of sleep-dep mixing with the caffeine buzz to leave you giggly and wired and sleepy, all at once.


I had a co-worker give me a ride home (which entailed waiting an extra hour after work was done, but it was a very good alternative to crashing the car into a ditch somewhere), and then crashed for another nap before everyone woke up. At that point, I could relax and enjoy all the mentally-altered state…after all, if I wiped out Thursday, I might miss work or screw up at work and get in trouble. If I wiped out Friday, I just missed some of con and my Lady would keep an eye on me while I blissfully snored somewhere. (Which, um, actually happened Friday night, during the “Group Trance Demonstration” panel. I heard the metronome start ticking, I heard a warm voice start talking about relaxation, and then it was an hour later. Lady Ru’etha told me She moved my head from time to time to stop me snoring. I don’t even remember it.)


Micro-trances continued throughout Friday, up until I finally managed to crash Friday night; every car ride consisted of me slumped in the back seat, eyes closed. I remember at lunch, Lady Ru’etha blanked me out for a bit while we waited for my food; after She woke me, She told me that this would be the best time to really rework my personality and make major changes, because the intense fractionation of going in and out of trance as often as I had to in order to stay functional with so little sleep had left me very vulnerable. But She couldn’t think of anything She really wanted to change.


I’ve extracted a promise from Her to try to come up with something by CONvergence 2010. 🙂

Locked and…

July 16, 2009

Well, not loaded, because I don’t drink. (As I once put it, “I already have weird ideas, act funny, and frequently wake up with a headache. What do I need alcohol for?”) But I was locked in place…and as the saying goes, “There’s kind of a funny story behind that…”

At CONvergence this year, there was a panel on “The Adult Side of Hypnosis”, at around 11:30 at night after most of the kiddies had toddled off to bed. We weren’t sure what the attendance was going to be like, because it wasn’t a panel that mainstream sci-fi cons had allowed in the past…but not only did CONvergence allow it, there was clearly quite a bit of crossover between the fan and kink communities (or, at the very least, a lot of science-fiction fans with fond memories of the brainwashing sequences in Star Trek, Doctor Who, Babylon Five, et cetera et cetera…) because the room was packed.

I’d been told that I was going to be a demo subject for the panel (what can I say? I’m submissive, and I know it) but I hadn’t been told exactly what I would be demonstrating. So I spent a good portion of the panel in an ecstasy of anticipation, worrying about exactly what I might be required to show off. Keep in mind, I’ve been to a kink con, and seen demo subjects display things like “what it’s like to be whipped in the nude”, “how it feels to have needles inserted into you”, and since I was attending with my Lady, a display or two of X-rated hypnosis. (She’s never actually asked me to demo anything X-rated, because humiliation is one of my major, major squicks–bordering on actual panic–and being displayed publicly comes close enough to that notion that we’re gradually building our way up to it. Hypnosis demos aren’t much fun if the demo subject has an abreaction on stage.) So my notion of “being a demo subject” was already trending far past what I’d probably be required to actually do, and into the realm of…well, of one of my own stories. 🙂

But I finally did receive a pretty big clue when I heard the words, “And I’ll be showing you what a freeze trigger looks like later in the panel.” Now I knew what I’d be doing…and so did the audience, every single one of whom must have filed the thought away in their heads. Because with about ten minutes left in the panel, I still hadn’t demoed a freeze trigger, and about three people in a row were asking if we were going to get to that soon. (Well, one person raised their hand and asked, and then two more people immediately spoke up in agreement. It was a very enthusiastic crowd.)

So with that, I stood up, walked over to the wall, and put my arm up against it…and a single whispered word locked it into place. As always, I got that sensation of determined immobility, like I’d forgotten how to move that limb, or even that it could be anywhere but where it was right then. It always just feels perfectly natural to hold still when the freeze trigger hits…but this time, there was a little unexpected twist. Someone from the audience was invited to come up and try to move my arm.

The girl who volunteered was a little shorter than me, but seemed to be very fit. She walked up and started tugging on my arm–first a quick, experimental tug, then a really hard yank. I’d somehow expected, from hearing about stage hypnotists doing this as a stunt, that I wouldn’t notice the pressure–that somehow, the hypnosis would just shut off the input from that limb, and she could pull away all day without me even feeling it.

But that wasn’t what it felt like. Instead, I felt absolutely compelled to hold my arm firm against the pressure (and there was a lot–someone mentioned after the panel that she worked out pretty rigorously. I pity anyone who sees her in a dark alley and thinks, “Ooh, skinny little girl!”) It was as though the most important thing in the world to me, right that second, was in not letting my arm move even the slightest bit. (Which, technically, I failed at. I felt my arm come away from the wall about a half an inch at one point. Which made me feel bad, until I found out afterwards that she had decided around then to see if supporting her entire weight from my arm would get it to move.)

That’s about when it ended–the girl let go, I got released, and the panel finished up to wild acclaim. It was a definite success…and I kind of suspect there’ll be another one like it next year. 🙂

Reposted: The Hypnosis Panel, Part Two

February 28, 2009

So when I left off at the end of my last post, I’d just come out of a very nice hypnotic trance, and was in the midst of a small but enthusiastic gathering of people interested in hypnosis. We were chatting–not about anything in particular, just talking–and the moderator of the panel did drop a few people every now and then, just to demonstrate a particular point or two, but for the most part it was just fun conversation.

Which was nice and all, but the group trance had really just whetted my appetite for more, and there was a Procyon sound-and-light machine sitting on the table, complete with earbuds. So I asked if I could try it out, and the moderator said, “Sure! Go right ahead!”

For those of you who’ve never seen one of these, it’s basically a little Walkman-type device with a bunch of settings that I, personally, didn’t fiddle with. But in addition to the audio output jack, it’s got another little output jack that plugs into what looks like a pair of wraparound sunglasses…but these glasses have a lighting display on the inside, one that can flash different colors. Wearing the device necessitated removing my own glasses, of course, but that’s generally something I like to do when I’m going to be in trance anyway, so it wasn’t really a problem. I put the earbuds in my ears, put the glasses over my eyes, laid down on the chairs again, and pressed start.

Almost instantly, I closed my eyes. Not because I immediately went under or anything–it’s just that it’s a very bright set of lights, right next to your eyeballs, and you’re really not supposed to try to look at them with your eyes open. The light is bright enough to penetrate straight through your eyelids, forming patterns that seem to be all around you. And since you’ve already got your eyes closed, there’s a sense of disorientation to it–you keep thinking that you want to close your eyes to block out the light, but then you remember that your eyes are already closed. It feels strangely inevitable, and inescapable.

The sounds playing through the earbuds felt very “background” compared to the light; the light was like a jackhammer to my brain, forming patterns that my eyes just seemed to follow all on their own without any conscious effort on my part. They moved from side to side, then pulsed for a while right in between my eyes, then they seemed to form a tunnel that drew my attention deeper into it, then they seemed to approach me, like I was walking towards a solid wall of light…

It was a very intense trance experience for me. The inescapable quality of the whole thing just hit me in a way that I don’t think I’ve ever gotten from a trance without a living person acting as operator. Over the years, my love of reading has made me very good at shutting out sounds I don’t want to pay attention to (along with my dad’s love of country music on long car trips, of course) so hypnosis recordings, while nice, are things I can snap out of relatively easily. But this was omnipresent, blinding, and just so powerful that I pretty much shut down completely.

Even after the program stopped, I was way too deep to wake up right away. I just lay there for I don’t know how long (I think I found out later it was something like forty-five minutes), just blissed out and calm, unable to really muster up the energy to snap myself out of the trance. I recall hearing the moderator ask, “Are the lights still flashing behind those glasses?” Someone responded with a no, and she said, “OK. He seems happy.”

I finally snapped out of it when I heard the moderator wake someone else up (she was demonstrating a different little toy on them.) If I hadn’t heard that, I don’t know how long I would have just lain there. Well, OK, probably just until the moderator came to check on me directly, or until I really needed to pee, but that doesn’t sound too dramatic, now does it?

(Those of you who are also on the Mind Control Forums will notice that this device has already showed up in one of my stories. Some of my other experiences on the panel will be showing up in stories, albeit much more heavily fictionalized.)

Later, I played with the Procyon again, this time while hooking it up to another machine called a Thoughtstream. The Thoughtstream is another Walkman-sized device, and this one has a little strap that goes around your palm and measures (somehow) just how deep in trance you are. Needless to say, I wanted to know just how hard that machine had hammered my brain.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to find out. The discussion was winding down, and the moderator needed to wake me up…and when she tapped my arm, it had absolutely no effect at all. The lights were still there, I was still lost in them, and when she tried to bring me back up, the lights just brought me right back down again. She finally needed to just unplug everything to grab my attention, which erased my “high score”.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening. I learned that I’m still a Doctor Who fan, even under hypnosis; I learned that light and sound machines are a dangerous addiction for me; and I had a fun time being hypnotized. And I hope you had fun reading about it all!

Reposted: The Hypnosis Panel, Part One

February 28, 2009

Suddenly, I’m all prolific here! It’s a miracle!

Just to clarify, the reason I’m being so prolific is that I was hypnotized a lot recently. A lot of this stuff that I’m posting about now happened at a convention I attended last weekend. There was, in fact, a panel there on hypnosis–specifically, one that was a group hypnosis session. I was a little nervous, as that weekend was the first time I’d been hypnotized in anything other than a one-on-one session (about which more later…) but as it turned out, I need not have worried.

The moderator of the panel told everyone to get comfortable, by sitting in the chairs or on the floor or lying across the chairs or across the floor–basically, whatever position felt best to them. If I had to count, I’d say there were about twenty people in the room, maybe twenty-five (the panel was a little bit under-promoted by the con, to put it mildly.) We all shifted position a bit–I decided to stay sitting upright, as the floor in my immediate area was starting to look a little crowded.

Then she told everyone to relax and focus on their breathing. She told people that if they wanted to, they could breathe in a square pattern–breathe in for a count of four, hold it for a count of four, breathe out for a count of four, and pause for a count of four–or they could just relax, and let their breathing find its own rhythm. By this point, I was already finding out how deeply conditioned to go into trance I really was, because I already had my eyes closed by this point and was feeling that light, floaty feeling in my head that’s one of the big indicators of hypnosis.

I’ll admit that I actually have some difficulty remembering her specific words as she deepened everyone’s trance–which is actually kind of surprising to me, as hypnotic amnesia isn’t normal for me. (Or, at least, it wasn’t originally…I’m finding that after listening to my Lady’s Voice all night every night, telling me it’s all right to forget to remember and remember to forget, I’ve become a lot more willing to let things slide into a warm, white fog in the back of my head while I’m under.) I remember she had a very sweet, soothing voice, and that she used multiple countdowns to deepen us…counting down to zero, deepening us with phrases, then counting down again. She also did something kind of neat where she told us that she was going to snap her fingers, but that each snap would deepen us instead of waking us up, and then she did more deepeners while snapping her fingers. At some point, she told us that we could shift position to get comfortable, and still stay in that warm, soft place, but I’m pretty sure I’d slumped sideways and lain across the chairs even before she said that.

I say “us”, but honestly, it didn’t really feel like “us”. I was, on some level, dimly aware that there were other people in the room, but on the emotional level, group trance felt (to me, at least) like the other people just melted away into the background, leaving me and the hypnotist. I think I understand how stage hypnosis works now…if the moderator had asked me to do something, I probably would have done it because I really did feel like I was alone with her in all the senses that mattered. But, of course, it wasn’t that kind of panel.

After a while (I’d given her my watch at the start of the panel, because she didn’t have one and I wasn’t going to have my eyes open to look at one anyway), she had us imagine a “safe place” inside our heads, somewhere we could go when we got stressed out or frustrated. She told us to imagine the doorway to the safe place, make it real inside our minds, picture its color, its style, its texture. For a second, I had no idea what it might look like…and then, like a true geek, I pictured the TARDIS doors in my head, and that just resolved itself perfectly. (I’m a life-long Doctor Who fan, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. And the TARDIS has always been a “safe place” in the series; as the Doctor once said, “The assembled hordes of Ghengis Khan couldn’t get through that door, and believe me, they’ve tried.”)

And sure enough, when she told us to step through that door into our safe place, I found myself in the console room, circa Peter Davison’s era. (In fact, for total geeks, it was the console room from “The Five Doctors”, complete with the wicker chairs that the First Doctor had tea in.) I could hear that soft, gentle hum all around me, I could see the bright, warm light…occasionally, my mind would let it flicker into other console room designs (the new series’ design, the McGann TV movie design, the secondary console room from Tom Baker’s era…) but for the most part, it stayed as Davison’s console room. It seemed very appropriate that the safe place in my heart was bigger on the inside.

(And as an aside, my Lady has also used Doctor Who imagery in brainwashing me. She’s had me picture a “programming room”, a place deep inside my mind where my core thoughts are kept, where anything She alters actually alters my mind at its fundamental level, and She modeled the imagery of that room on the Zero Room from ‘Castrovalva’. It occurred to me on my return from the con that if the Zero Room is inside the TARDIS, then that means I’ve actually let Her into that safe space to reprogram my thoughts. There’s something almost frighteningly hot about that.)

We stayed in that safe space for a while, and the moderator talked about finding habits that we might want to let go of, things we wanted to achieve with hypnosis…she said later that she didn’t want to get too therapeutic in a group session, because it’s not always that easy to get rid of bad habits with hypnosis, and she didn’t want to touch off anything she wouldn’t be there to deal with later on. (Wise woman.) Eventually, she told us it was time to come back up, and that she’d count from one to five, and that on five we would awaken…and that she’d then return us to this warm, happy place by counting back down from five to one. She counted up to five…and bam! Back up.

We never did get around to counting back down. By the time everyone had stretched their legs and gone to the bathroom (we’d been under for a solid hour, even though it only felt like maybe ten minutes) the discussion had broken up into smaller groups, and become much less formal. Which is how I wound up trying out the light and sound machine…but that’s for next time.