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Review: Lady Ru’etha’s Voice

May 14, 2010

It’s a bit odd, really, that I haven’t reviewed Lady Ru’etha’s Voice. After all, She gave me a copy of the rough recording long before She made it commercially available, and I’ve listened to it all night every night when I sleep for years now. When She made the finished version, She swapped it out for the rough version (which I kept for sentimental reasons) and that’s been putting me to sleep for a long while now, too. And as previously noted, I don’t have a problem reviewing Lady Ru’etha’s CDs; sure, in the interests of full disclosure, I’ll mention that I’m sitting on the floor next to Her right now, blissfully enjoying Her company, but I know She wouldn’t want me to lie about Her CDs. If I say they’re awesome, it’s because I mean it.

So why haven’t I reviewed it? Because it works, that’s why. Voice contains amnesia suggestions, designed to make the actual content of the CD fade into a mellow, peaceful fog of warmth and happiness and leave you just feeling good all over when you wake up. And despite my initial reservations about memory play (I had some bad experiences with a previous hypnodomme, and Lady Ru’etha has been very gentle about helping me overcome them) they’ve worked quite well. A little too well, in some respects…I have a vague notion about the suggestions She’s put in, but every time I try to really think about it, it just sounds too much like work to me and I give up before I even start to try. I know that there’s a suggestion to obey anything She precedes with “Voice commands,” because She’s used it on me (and again, it works!) But big chunks of it just fade into the yummy warm white fog.

So if the thought of going really, really deep over the course of a solid hour, emerging with gradually diminishing memories every time and a warm sense of contentment and a deeper submission to a hypnotic Goddess, well…this is the CD for you. If not…um…you’re really reading this blog? Huh.

Review: Chakra Capture

March 27, 2010

I was actually planning on holding off on posting this until my usual Wednesday post; after all, I don’t want to spoil my readers with daily posts when I can’t deliver consistently. πŸ™‚ But Lady Ru’etha happens to be holding a sale on Her CDs and MP3s, and it ends Wednesday. So I figured I’d post this now, when it might be of some use to my readers. (Also note the “Lady Ru’etha’s CDs” tag on this review; clicking it will lead you to my previous reviews of Her CDs. Oh, and note the “Realm of Bliss” link in the sidebar, which will lead you to Her website where you can buy the CDs that are on sale once you’ve read the reviews. That, um, live in the house that Jack built.)

As always, I will offer the disclosure that I am not an unbiased reviewer. I am Lady Ru’etha’s pet, and She owns me completely and has total control of my mind, waking or sleeping. I can’t resist Her suggestions, hypnotic or otherwise. This is something you will have to take into account when you read me saying wonderful things about Her hypnotic talents. However, I will also point out that the very CD I’m about to review has a hypnotic suggestion that compels honesty to Her, and I can’t resist Her hypnotic suggestions. πŸ™‚ When She asks for a review, She gets my honest opinions. When She asks me to post a review, it’s an honest one.

And my honest review of Chakra Capture: YUM. πŸ™‚ At least, “YUM” as far as I’m concerned; this one is a pretty intense brainwashing experience, and might not be to everyone’s tastes. That isn’t to say that She’s mean; Lady Ru’etha doesn’t do humiliation play, and She is soft and sensual and welcoming even as She completely subjugates your will. But it is about complete surrender, and you should understand that before you listen.

But if that’s your kink, you aren’t going to find a better way to indulge it than this. Lady Ru’etha explains the centers of power in your body, the different aspects of you that they control, then takes them and makes them Hers one by one. By the end, everything from your will to your voice to your sex drive belongs to Her, and you love it. (Um, especially the sex drive. It might have been a mistake to listen to this one on a day when She put me “on restriction”, if you take my meaning. I’m still squirming. πŸ™‚ )

It’s lovely, it’s sensual, it’s imaginative (so many “progressive inductions” are just, “Ooh, look, your feet are getting sleepy. Oh, now your calves. Now your knees. Now the kneecap, oh, hang on, there’s the lower three inches of your thighs…”) If you’re looking for something that really takes your will away, without seeming scary, mean, or dangerous, this is perfect for you. My only caution is that it really will leave you wanting more.

And you know, me and my recruitment fetish would feel just terrible if I found out you became addicted to Lady Ru’etha as a result. πŸ™‚

My Ideal MP3

December 28, 2009

So Lady Ru’etha asked me a bit ago, “What would your ideal MP3 be?” (Specifically, She commanded me to blog about it. Which I refused to do, of course. πŸ™‚ ) It’s an interesting question. In some ways, the simple answer would be “Voice”. It’s very nice–seductive enough to be erotic, but not so much that you can’t just listen to it to relax. There’s programming in it, which is a major hot button of mine, but nothing unethical or dangerous, which is pretty much guaranteed to throw me out of any induction file. (Not to name any names, but there are some hypnodommes out there that I can’t really go deep to even though they have a nice technique, because I feel like I have to keep one ear open for their suggestions.)

But I’ll assume that for purposes of this question, She’s asking “What scenario would be something you want in an MP3?” (I’m also hoping She’ll gracefully accept the compliment in the previous paragraph.) I have to admit, I’m not sure. I generally enjoy MP3s more when they’re about programming and control over fantasy scenarios (which isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy fantasy scenarios, just that I think my favorite fantasy is me, being brainwashed by a sexy hypnodomme. πŸ™‚ ) So it’d involve programming. But programming for what?

As I say, “Voice” covers so many of the yummiest programming areas, and Her other MP3s cover many of the rest. (At this point, I’ll point to the linkroll at the top of the page, and remind you gently that She sells “Voice” and lots of other fun hypnosis CDs and MP3s, because I love the thought of enticing people to listen to Her hypnotic voice…) Hmm…I’d almost say a “Serial Recruitment” file, one that programs you to want to get others to listen to Her, but I know that She’d never record that one. It’s not ethical.

I think that probably, looking at what She’s recorded already and what She’s got coming up, my ideal “wishlist” MP3 would be one that focuses on freeze-play. Something that involves heavy programming, submission, and that wondrous feeling of helplessness that comes from being unable to move or even think. And of course, it does go without saying that my ideal MP3 would be one recorded by Lady Ru’etha. πŸ™‚

Mellowed Out

April 12, 2009

I hadn’t posted about the third of Lady Ru’etha’s erotic hypnosis CDs before now, mainly because that one was the only one of the three that wasn’t actually a new experience for me. I’m not usually into the kinks that go into Her “Kittenfur” or “Robotic Transformation” CDs (although as discussed in this blog, once I listened to them, I surprised myself) but a hypnotic fantasy sequence tailored for men, with a powerful female voice seducing them into pleasure? Um, yeah. She kind of suspected I might like that one. πŸ™‚ I’d already heard “Mountain Lake” months before She put it out as a CD.

But I am egotistical enough to think that people might just be buying these CDs based on my somewhat biased testimonials (and I again remind everyone that I belong to Lady Ru’etha and am happy to admit it. In the words of P.G. Wodehouse, “Admit it? I’m proud of it!” So yes, in theory She could just make me say nice things about Her CDs to get you to buy them. But in practice, She knows that would just leave Her feeling all hollow inside, so She trusts me to give an honest opinion. πŸ™‚ ) And the thought that “Mountain Lake”, which I already knew to be awesome, would get left alone in the big virtual CD bin on the Internet, just because I was plugging its siblings, well…this could not stand. So on went the light and sound machine, and it was time for a refresher course with “Mountain Lake”!

This one is easily the most relaxing of the three–in fact, it was so relaxing that for most of the “Safe Space” track that precedes the actual fantasy, I was bordering on sleep. My thoughts were disjointed and wandering, and my conscious mind had long periods where it wasn’t actually paying attention to the recording at all. (This is actually a good sign, for a trance junkie like me. When you’re in that state where you’re hearing but not really listening, then you’re accepting without really thinking, and anyone reading this blog probably thinks that sentence is hotter than porn. πŸ™‚ )

This drifty, spaced-out state lasted pretty much all the way until I’d descended back into my safe space and gone through the door into the fantasy, and then my subconscious started to prompt me to pay a bit more attention. Which wasn’t to say I was less relaxed–the fantasy that Lady Ru’etha guides you through is really so calm and soothing that it’s almost like a dream anyway. Which isn’t to say it’s not erotic, but it’s more of a sensual reverie than an animal lust. This is like waking up to a beautiful woman seducing you and not being sure if you’ve actually woken up or not.

The femdom aspect continues that whole sensual, dreamy feel of the recording–for those of you who are not complete submissives, like me, you can relax. There’s no “Lick my boot, you worthless worm!” type of stuff in here. (In fact, I’ve never heard Lady Ru’etha call anyone a “worthless worm” in my life. Not even actual worms–She tells them that they’re doing a great job aerating the soil, and that they’re vital to the ecology. …but I’m rambling.) It’s very warm, very soothing, and as much about seduction as it is about control. Think of it as the difference between forcing you to submit…and just making you want to surrender all on your own.

All that (plus the fact that it was my Lady’s Voice) made it very easy to just melt into the fantasy, and I’m not really sure when I lost track of the fact that it wasn’t happening. I wasn’t hallucinating it, or anything; I’d just gone deep enough into trance that I was passively accepting everything I was hearing, not thinking critically about it at all. I was whatever She wanted me to be in that moment, and it was delightful.

It was every bit as good as I remembered it being, and this is my gift for understatement at work–I woke up with a little bit of cleaning up to do. Luckily for my sheets, I’ve figured out a little trick with the light and sound machine; I may not have the energy to reach up and pull the goggles off, but I do have the energy to squeeze my eyes shut tighter. And when I do that, I can’t see the lights, and when I can’t see the lights, I can snap myself out of it and pull the goggles off. So that takes care of the lingering “lying there in a daze for fifteen minutes after listening to the CD” issue. πŸ™‚

This one is probably the best one for people (okay, men, although I think She’s slightly overstating the whole “for men” thing–She mentions a cock once or twice) who want to just dip their toes into the whole “erotic hypnosis” thing. It doesn’t feature heavy conditioning, heavy D/s, or really anything heavy at all. It’s a light, mellow, relaxing bit of mental meditation…with orgasms. Beats the hell out of yoga any day, huh?

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat!

March 24, 2009

Sonovabitch. She actually did it.

Allow me to explain that statement. πŸ™‚ As I mentioned last time, I’m listening to Lady Ru’etha’s brand new CD releases, available through Her brand new website here and temporarily on sale. (In the interests of full disclosure, I should mention that I’m Her brainwashed pet, and have been formally collared to Her for almost a year now, which doesn’t exactly make me an unbiased source of information about Her. But on the other hand, I don’t give my mind and body to someone lightly, so I hope people understand just how big of a testimonial it is that I let Her own me completely.)

This time, I decided to listen to “Kittenfur”, a CD that’s supposed to give the listener the experience of transforming into a cat. And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure how well this one was going to work for me. The “Robotic Transformation” CD…I don’t have robophilia or technophilia, but I can at least understand the desire to be programmed, and I can get behind the idea of wanting to become a perfectly obedient subject that’s incapable of resisting commands. There’s a lot of overlap between that and being a robot servant, enough that I could bridge the mental gap.

But I’m not an animal person. I don’t have pets, I’m not into the furry kink, I don’t really have a spiritual connection to any animals (although I did like penguins when I was a kid), and I’ve never really wanted to see myself as a cat (or a wolf, or an eagle, or any of the other traditionally “totemic” animals.) To top it all off, Lady Ru’etha and I have never really done much transformation play along those lines. Our play has tended to focus on molding and shaping my actual personality, not creating alternate ones (temporary or permanent.) I really wasn’t sure if this even could work, let alone if I wanted to.

But She asked me to listen to it, and obedience is pleasure, so I hooked up the light and sound machine again (this time I made sure to pick a program that ran closer to the length of the actual CD, so I wouldn’t be floating in trance for twenty minutes afterwards), popped the CD in the player, and I was off!

In point of fact, I was off into trance, and pretty quickly at that. I’d just listened to “Safe Space”, the opening track, the day before, so I was primed to go under to it (and it’s designed to induce trance quickly, which certainly didn’t hurt.) Plus, of course, it bears mentioning that I’m very accustomed to going into trance for my Lady as a general rule. She does sometimes have to wake me from trances that strictly speaking, She didn’t actually induce. πŸ™‚ The “Safe Space” trance passed quickly and pleasantly, and as before, the light and sound machine kept me from actually waking up between tracks.

So there I was, feeling a little trepidation even in trance, as I passed through the mental gateway to the room where I was supposed to turn into a cat. I wondered just how it would happen–was I going to find myself looking in a mirror and seeing felinity staring back at me? Was it going to be like a progressive induction, only with “turning into a cat” instead of relaxing? I couldn’t think of any method that would possibly work.

Instead, She had me imagine just lying down on a bed and feeling drowsy. (Not hard for someone already in trance.) She then had me imagine Her sitting down on the bed next to me and dangling a sparkling crystal in front of my eyes, speaking softly and hypnotically to me as She petted me…

And it all just slotted perfectly into place. Simultaneously, I got a rush of body memory–I wasn’t just visualizing the sequence of events She described, I was actually remembering them from lovely experience; I got a flash of understanding as to how the transformation would play out, with the already-cat-like behavior of curling up and being petted slowly developing into a full cat persona; I got an understanding of just why I would want it to happen–She’s described me as Her pet, and I know that I can’t ever get enough of relaxing into Her touch and Her words just like a cat curled up in its owner’s lap; and I got, coming out of all of the above and rising up over it, an unmistakable certainty that this was going to work. I was going to become a cat, I couldn’t stop it, and I didn’t want to stop it even if I could have.

(Oh, and in the back of my head, I admired the elegance of Her induction within an induction, using petting, pendants and voice all at once. It utilizes visual, aural, and kinesthetic components, perfect for anyone no matter how they process information. But that’s more of an aside.)

The parts of my brain that still functioned were stunned at how well it worked. I could actually hear myself purring out loud. I could feel a tail and claws (and actually, for several hours afterwards, I found myself feeling phantom sensations of claws at the end of my fingertips.) By the time She suggested I’d want a trigger that would let Her return me to this state, I was literally begging for it. In the span of twenty minutes, I’d gone from thinking that this was going to be the rare kink I couldn’t share with my Lady to thinking that I couldn’t wait to share with Her just how much I loved it.

(As mentioned last time, though, this isn’t a review. I’ve been brainwashed six ways from Sunday, and I’ve got body memory that made the trance experience unbelievably vivid. I don’t actually know, nor can I guess, how the “average listener” might respond to this. I just know I looooved it. πŸ™‚ )

And then at last, She returned me to my human state, the CD ended, and…the light and sound machine didn’t stop. I’m still not sure why–I know I set it for a 45-minute program, but it just kept going and going. And my brain had already been pounded pretty effectively to mush by the CD–every so often, I’d realize that the lights had been going on longer than they should have, and I’d try to figure out just how much longer (my time sense isn’t good in trance), and I’d lose track of time trying to think how to keep track of time without being able to look at a clock, and then my brain would just spin out completely into staring at the lights for a while before I started the cycle again. By the time I finally managed to pull the goggles off, over an hour had gone by and I was so dopey I barely had the energy to change the CD to my usual loop of “Voice” before I went to sleep.

I’m really looking forward to the next time my Lady uses the trigger on me–it might be a while, though. She wouldn’t want to do it while we’re conversing in text trance, after all. All I’d want to do would be to sit on the keyboard.

My Time As a Robot

March 22, 2009

So yesterday morning, Lady Ru’etha asked me, “So why haven’t you listened to my CDs yet?”

Somewhat surprised, I said, “I have listened to ‘Mountain Lake’. As to the other two, well, I’m just not into the furry kink or the robotisation kink.”

She responded, “But a lot of the time, you don’t really know what you’re into until I tell you.”

I thought about it for a moment. The fact of the matter is, although I’m generally hypnokinky, I have to admit that my other big fetish took ages and ages for us to figure out. It always seemed like I’d be into so many different kinks, sometimes ones that even surprised me, but then later on I’d almost completely lose interest in something that was a major turn-on for me in a previous relationship. Finally, it clicked–I have an “enablement fetish”. I get off on the energy my Domme gives off when She’s indulging in one of Her fantasies. In other words, I actually don’t know what I’m into until my Domme tells me. πŸ™‚

So after admitting as much, I cracked open my copy of Lady Ru’etha’s “Robotic Transformation 1.01” and put it in the CD player. I also took a moment to put on the light and sound machine She’d lent me back in February–after all, I was apparently being robotised, so it seemed appropriate to use a little technological assistance in inducing trance. I pressed play on the CD, hit start on the Procyon, and I was off!

Obviously, this isn’t going to be a review of the CD; I doubt I’ve got much credibility as an unbiased reviewer when it comes to my Lady’s products (although when you think about it, if you believe that I’m so brainwashed that I’ll say and think that anything Lady Ru’etha puts out is brilliant, that’s a pretty good endorsement of Her hypnosis products in and of itself.) But I do want to talk a bit about the experience.

It started with “Safe Space”, which begins the CD. Oddly enough, despite this being one of Her “starter” inductions, I’d never actually heard it before–She has me listen to “Voice” most of the time, instead. (“Voice” is considerably more intense than “Safe Space”, with amnesia suggestions and permanent triggers. I think She picked it over “Safe Space” because we’d already been trance-playing for quite some time before I listened to any of Her mp3s.) But there’s enough of an overlap, and I’m familiar enough with Her style and general imagery that I was able to go under very quickly and easily, and absorb the suggestions just as quickly and easily.

In theory, you’re supposed to wake up between the two tracks–She does bring the listener up out of trance at the end of “Safe Space”, before reinducing at the start of “Robotic Transformation”. (This way, once you’re fully conditioned to “Safe Space”, you can just skip it and get straight to the main event.) But in my case, I’m a) very used to ignoring the command to wake on Her recorded inductions, since I loop them while I sleep, and b) wearing a light and sound machine that is absolutely jackhammering at my brain at the time I heard the command to come out of trance.Β  So I just drifted straight along into the next section without ever really waking up.

The “Robotic Transformation” induction deserves special mention here, because it does some absolutely amazing things with multiple audio inputs that dropped me hard, even by my usual standards as a total cream-puff when it comes to resisting hypnosis. πŸ™‚ Lady Ru’etha does a long, slow, wonderful countdown from twenty to one, but in the background, you can just barely hear Her voice doing two looping ten-count inductions at a slightly quicker pace. So the overall effect is that you really quickly get confused as to exactly what number you’ve dropped down to, and that confusion makes you feel like you must have gone deeper into hypnosis because it’s hard to remember the numbers, and the second you believe you’ve gone deeper, you have, and before you know it your brain has pretty much just shut down completely. (Or at least, mine did.)

The actual “transformation” was interesting to me because it integrated so well with my other hypnotic suggestions–after all, Lady Ru’etha has been programming me literally for years with the “Obedience is pleasure” mantra, and so this felt very comfortable to me. She’s used many metaphors over the years to help my brain accept my brainwashing, and so the idea of programming my mind like a computer just fit right in. (And the imagery of the sequence, as She described me sitting in a programming chair that massaged me even as it brainwashed me, fit in with my real-life experiences in ways that make me suspect I enjoyed this one more than anyone else who listened to it. πŸ™‚ )

It was a very enjoyable experience (just how enjoyable, I’ll leave up to your imagination, wink wink nudge nudge) but as with all good things, eventually it ended and She brought me back up. Except that, um, I was still wearing the light and sound machine. Have I mentioned just how dangerously susceptible I am to those things? Seriously, it’s kind of scary just how hard they hit me. Even as I received a direct command to wake in my ears, my eyes were following an inescapable, overwhelming, unending induction that sand-blasted my resistance away. I just lay there, unable to even muster up the mental energy to reach six inches over and press the stop button on the machine before the program finally ended on its own. I’m not sure how long the machine ran after the CD ended, because my time sense was utterly wonky and I couldn’t look at a clock while my eyes were covered with brainwashing goggles. But it felt like I drifted in the endless waves of light for a very long time.

Of course, I suspect my sneaky subconscious fully knew the program would end all on its own, and it didn’t want to let even a second of enjoyable trance slip away from me. So it just convinced me that I was helpless to stop the machine, because it knew I’d be perfectly safe to let the machine stop itself. Even so, I’m damn glad that thing doesn’t have an “auto-repeat” setting. It’s not something I want to put to the test.

So I think that Lady Ru’etha will be quite satisfied with the things She’s done to my brain tonight, even if She won’t find out about them until She wakes up and reads this entry. Next time, I’ll find out whether or not the “Kittenfur” CD works just as well. I can’t say I’ve ever had much interest in being a cat, but then again, I don’t really know what I’m into until She tells me.