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Review: Thalia’s Harem

July 4, 2015

One of the real problems with being a writer is that you have less time to read in your chosen field. Between research, promotion and the physical business of writing, your time to sit down and read for pleasure the things that got you into writing can suffer. As a result, I don’t read as many stories on the EMCSA as I’d like. It doesn’t help that when it comes to erotica, I don’t think I’m any different than anyone else in that I have favorite fantasies I go back to, which encourages me to re-read more than pick up new stuff.

That said, I feel like I still have enough favorite stories out there that I can spend a little time every few blog entries or so discussing my favorites and why they are my favorites. This time, I’m talking about “Thalia’s Harem” by Kingfisher, which is currently available for free on the EMCSA.

It’s important to recognize, when you’re writing smut, that you’re not always looking for deep characterization. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t know who the characters are; you just don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of the time explaining their backstories and they don’t usually need elaborate motives for what they do. Ultimately, these people are satisfying their sexual needs; that’s a universal drive, and you don’t need to really get in depth on why the people in your sex story like sex.

This is by way of explaining that the characters in “Thalia’s Harem” are not deep or complex, and that’s okay. They are nice young women who bump into the titular (no pun intended) Thalia, who hypnotizes them with acupressure, converts them into lesbians through pleasure conditioning, and then pretty relentlessly fucks the living hell out of them (and encourages them to fuck the living hell out of each other) for ten straight chapters. That’s all they really need to be for purposes of this story as long as the induction and sex scenes are hot.

And they are. The first chapter, “Donna and Penny”, probably remains my favorite; it starts a slight bit into the action, with Penny already enslaved, and shows Donna’s seduction/induction in loving detail. After a bit of info-dump in the first panel (a pet peeve of mine–as mentioned above, you either don’t need to know this or you can work it into the story) it settles in nicely as Donna gets offered an innocent haircut that’s anything but innocent and winds up blissfully brainwashed. The chapter hits all my fetish buttons. Donna is taken down slowly and dreamily into trance, she fixates on beautiful breasts as her hypnotic focus, she winds up dazed and helplessly aroused even after she wakes, she gets her pussy licked while further hypnotized until she orgasms herself into obedience. And then, when she wakes up, she performs body worship on her new owner and suckles at Thalia’s breasts while further deepened. Any one of those would have been hot; together, they’re a tactical nuke of erotic heat. Oh, and then she becomes Penny’s slave…and in a final very sexy scene she gets to turn the tables on Penny and do some commanding of her own.

The next few chapters, to be honest, suffer a bit from diminishing returns. “Samantha” is okay, but it’s from the perspective of Donna as she helps enslave her friend–given that I’m submissive myself, the hot part for me is reading the descriptions of struggling, failing, and becoming helplessly obedient. That’s not very present here. The third chapter, “Thalia”, is mostly just an infodump, and the fourth, “Nadine”, is probably catering to a fetish that’s not mine (baby-talk features heavily, which is great if you think that “wook at my beautifuw bweasts” is a sexy turn of phrase and not so much for the rest of us).

After that, it starts picking up again. “Beth” is a nice little seduction piece, although again it’s less from the POV of the submissive than from the POV of the seducer. There’s a bit of fallback again with “Beth, Nadine and Donna” (although again, probably not if you’re into the babytalk thing) but then things really get going as the author has pretty much the same idea that Thalia does: “Wouldn’t it be awesome to seduce a whole bunch of hot models, one after the other?”

“Zoe”, the chapter that kicks off the whole ‘seducing models’ plan, is very nice–there’s a sexy technique that trilby else uses well to darker effect, where the POV character finds out they’ve been hypnotized and seduced by finding a video of the process, and realizes too late that the video is hypnotizing them all over again. Here, it leads nicely to plenty of hot lesbian sex without the darker undertones of trilby’s work. (Which may be a downside to you, but all I can write about is my own preferences.)

“Sabrina” is nice, but it does try to work in all the girls from all the previous chapters into a big orgy, and honestly there’s just too many girls at that point to focus. It’s nice that for the next two chapters, “Crystal and Joanne” parts one and two, Kingfisher pares the cast down significantly to Thalia, Sabrina and the two new conquests. Better yet, a lot of the time is spent on Crystal and Joanne alone together, succumbing slowly to their programming in a way that emphasizes submission almost completely. It’s very yummy.

I don’t know if Kingfisher plans to continue the story–the most recent chapter is about two years old. But there’s a lot of very sexy material here, and it’s oddly sweet in its own way. (Thalia establishes a pretty big harem, but in practice it works like a very big, very happy polyamorous relationship. Then again, probably a lot more poly relationships would be happy if everyone was hypnotized to get along and enjoy having sex with all the other partners.) There’s enough variety to the chapters that even though I most strongly recommend the first one and the last two, you’re bound to find something that pushes your hot buttons if you have even a casual interest in lesbian mind control erotica.

“Sex Robot”

October 9, 2010

For those of you who might not have heard, Discovery Health recently aired a documentary by Landmark Films called, “Sex Robot”, about the robophilia fetish and the various different ways that people who share it find fulfillment in a world that remains rather unfairly deficient in the number of actual, working sex robots. Why did I watch, and why do I mention, such a documentary when I myself have very little in the way of robot sex fetishes? (The problem with being a sci-fi fan is that you can never say, with 100% honesty, that you don’t have a sci-fi fetish at all. Catgirls? No no no no no…except Tigra. Robophilia? Certainly not…um, wait. Does Cherry 2000 count as a robot? Yes? Damn.)

The answer is simple: One of the methods of coping with the lack of a functional sex robot that the documentary describes is to hypnotize your existing, flesh-and-blood girlfriend into thinking she’s a sex robot…and said hypnosis is performed by none other than my Lady Herself, Lady Ru’etha! (For those of you who’ve just perked up, no, I’m afraid I don’t know how to post a copy for torrenting. But I’m sure you can find it if you poke around a bit.)

What did I think of the documentary? Well, it breaks down into three fetishists and three means of fulfillment, presented in just enough of an unusual order to create drama. Setting aside the drama, though…the first robophile, the one who spends a lot of the documentary evaluating the different sex-bots, comes off as having some serious issues with women. He admits to coming off of a bad break-up, and to wanting a woman who can’t get away and “doesn’t care about how much money you make or what kind of car you drive”. Those are red-flag expressions to me, signifying a person who is in serious denial about the reasons for his break-up and blaming the woman for them. Worse, he’s carrying that baggage around with him after the break-up, which will make it more likely that he’s going to repeat the behavior and repeat the denial, causing a vicious cycle of anger against women that will only get worse on each trip through. Wanting a sex robot is definitely not going to fix those psychological problems. On the other hand, better to have him testing sex robots than working out his anger on real women.

The second fetishist comes off better; although he admits to having some psychological issues with vulnerability that led him to want an indestructible robot girlfriend, he otherwise seems like a well-adjusted person with an unusual sexual fetish, rather than a misogynist who wants a woman who can’t escape him. 🙂 The third fetishist, the EMCSA’s own WinterRose, is a friend who seems quite normal, happy, and well-adjusted in his kink, although I’ll admit to a small amount of bias. (I’ll also admit to spotting his Doctor Who reference when he says that having a hypnotized sex-bot girlfriend is “Fantastic.” Presumably, if he regenerates, he will trigger her with, “Allons-y!”)

As to the methods…basically, it’s two sex-bots and a hypnotist. Need I even say that the hypnotist is deliciously beautiful, suave, self-assured, debonair, and makes a great advertisement for our fetish even in a documentary that isn’t, strictly speaking, about said fetish? She comes off even better when compared to the two “sex robots”, which are really just pieces of animatronics that fall squarely into the Uncanny Valley and don’t even do all that much for the fetishists in the documentary.

The documentary comes to the conclusion that a real, working sex-bot is a long way off, but that the people who want them aren’t monsters or creeps, except for the ones who actually kind of are. 🙂 It’s worth an hour of your time, and it’s definitely worth skipping ahead to the bits where Lady Ru’etha hypnotizes a woman into believing she’s a pleasure-robot designed to service her owner. Because if you’re not into that, why the heck are you reading this blog?

Worth Mentioning

August 2, 2010

I recently finished the book “Paul Is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion”, and I do consider it worth mentioning to fans of sinister mind control that yes, in addition to an unnatural strength, speed, durability, and craving for human brains, Paul, George and John also develop mind control powers. (Not Ringo. He’s a ninja, not a zombie. It’s a very strange book.) And unlike most books/TV shows/movies/comics where the idea of “mind control for sex” is kept entirely as subtext, here it’s very overtly dealt with. The lads from Liverpool are asked whether or not they kept harems of brainwashed sex slaves. The answer: Of course not. (Wink wink, nudge nudge.)

It’s mostly played for comedy, as is much of the book. (If this surprises anyone after hearing the title, I really hope you don’t have a heart condition. The word “Boo!” might be enough to finish you off.) But I could not fail to bring this to the attention of fellow mind control enthusiasts, who might very well want to read about how multiple-orgasmic zombie men can turn any woman into a blank, mindless, sex-crazed thrall with evil zombie rituals. (Unfortunately, zombie women get the short end of the stick. Clearly, the Liverpool Process is sexist as hell.)

Review: Lady Ru’etha’s Voice

May 14, 2010

It’s a bit odd, really, that I haven’t reviewed Lady Ru’etha’s Voice. After all, She gave me a copy of the rough recording long before She made it commercially available, and I’ve listened to it all night every night when I sleep for years now. When She made the finished version, She swapped it out for the rough version (which I kept for sentimental reasons) and that’s been putting me to sleep for a long while now, too. And as previously noted, I don’t have a problem reviewing Lady Ru’etha’s CDs; sure, in the interests of full disclosure, I’ll mention that I’m sitting on the floor next to Her right now, blissfully enjoying Her company, but I know She wouldn’t want me to lie about Her CDs. If I say they’re awesome, it’s because I mean it.

So why haven’t I reviewed it? Because it works, that’s why. Voice contains amnesia suggestions, designed to make the actual content of the CD fade into a mellow, peaceful fog of warmth and happiness and leave you just feeling good all over when you wake up. And despite my initial reservations about memory play (I had some bad experiences with a previous hypnodomme, and Lady Ru’etha has been very gentle about helping me overcome them) they’ve worked quite well. A little too well, in some respects…I have a vague notion about the suggestions She’s put in, but every time I try to really think about it, it just sounds too much like work to me and I give up before I even start to try. I know that there’s a suggestion to obey anything She precedes with “Voice commands,” because She’s used it on me (and again, it works!) But big chunks of it just fade into the yummy warm white fog.

So if the thought of going really, really deep over the course of a solid hour, emerging with gradually diminishing memories every time and a warm sense of contentment and a deeper submission to a hypnotic Goddess, well…this is the CD for you. If not…um…you’re really reading this blog? Huh.

Review: Chakra Capture

March 27, 2010

I was actually planning on holding off on posting this until my usual Wednesday post; after all, I don’t want to spoil my readers with daily posts when I can’t deliver consistently. 🙂 But Lady Ru’etha happens to be holding a sale on Her CDs and MP3s, and it ends Wednesday. So I figured I’d post this now, when it might be of some use to my readers. (Also note the “Lady Ru’etha’s CDs” tag on this review; clicking it will lead you to my previous reviews of Her CDs. Oh, and note the “Realm of Bliss” link in the sidebar, which will lead you to Her website where you can buy the CDs that are on sale once you’ve read the reviews. That, um, live in the house that Jack built.)

As always, I will offer the disclosure that I am not an unbiased reviewer. I am Lady Ru’etha’s pet, and She owns me completely and has total control of my mind, waking or sleeping. I can’t resist Her suggestions, hypnotic or otherwise. This is something you will have to take into account when you read me saying wonderful things about Her hypnotic talents. However, I will also point out that the very CD I’m about to review has a hypnotic suggestion that compels honesty to Her, and I can’t resist Her hypnotic suggestions. 🙂 When She asks for a review, She gets my honest opinions. When She asks me to post a review, it’s an honest one.

And my honest review of Chakra Capture: YUM. 🙂 At least, “YUM” as far as I’m concerned; this one is a pretty intense brainwashing experience, and might not be to everyone’s tastes. That isn’t to say that She’s mean; Lady Ru’etha doesn’t do humiliation play, and She is soft and sensual and welcoming even as She completely subjugates your will. But it is about complete surrender, and you should understand that before you listen.

But if that’s your kink, you aren’t going to find a better way to indulge it than this. Lady Ru’etha explains the centers of power in your body, the different aspects of you that they control, then takes them and makes them Hers one by one. By the end, everything from your will to your voice to your sex drive belongs to Her, and you love it. (Um, especially the sex drive. It might have been a mistake to listen to this one on a day when She put me “on restriction”, if you take my meaning. I’m still squirming. 🙂 )

It’s lovely, it’s sensual, it’s imaginative (so many “progressive inductions” are just, “Ooh, look, your feet are getting sleepy. Oh, now your calves. Now your knees. Now the kneecap, oh, hang on, there’s the lower three inches of your thighs…”) If you’re looking for something that really takes your will away, without seeming scary, mean, or dangerous, this is perfect for you. My only caution is that it really will leave you wanting more.

And you know, me and my recruitment fetish would feel just terrible if I found out you became addicted to Lady Ru’etha as a result. 🙂

Still Unpacking My Brain…

August 17, 2009

Just spent a weekend with Lady Ru’etha, and I’m still a bit jetlagged (it was very busy, in addition to conforming my graveyard-shift schedule to Her daytime lifestyle and back again in the span of two days…) But She did want me to post something.

So I’ll just mention that Thrall’s “My Very Own Serial Number” is really, really nice, a wonderfully shivery story that neatly straddles the line between, “Oh, I’d never want…” and “Oooh, that sounds so nice…” It’s well worth reading, if you’re not already doing so (I do suspect sometimes that 90% of my traffic comes from the link on her blog. 🙂 )

More later in the week, perhaps a discussion of alternate personas and how they help enhance the effects of brainwashing. (If you’re good…)