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Fun With Statistics!

June 5, 2011

One of the neat things about Literotica (and one of the reasons that I decided to start posting my stories there as well as to the EMCSA) is that in addition to seeing people’s comments on my stories, you can also see statistics of how many times people have viewed each story and what they ranked it on a scale of 1 to 5! (Although honestly, the comments alone are worth it. One person said she thought I was writing at the level of “Anais Nin, Anne Rice, or other Higher Art writers of erotica.” There are really no higher compliments.)

So, since this is data I think is interesting, I thought I might share a few tidbits with you!

Most Viewed: Sweet Surrender has over 30,000 views (meaning you could populate a reasonably small town with the readers of that story alone.) Unwritten has 21,000 or so, as does Secret Journey; and most impressively to me, Urgent has hit 15,500 in about a week.

Best Rated: Love Like Winter has an amazingly strong 4.88 out of 5, although that is a bit biased due to the fact that people who weren’t grooving on the White Album probably didn’t bother with the third story of the trilogy. Sweet Surrender holds its 4.5 out of 5 on the strength of 133 votes, which is almost more impressive in some ways. There are a few others in the 4.5-4.6 range (Small Town, Invisible Touch, Flesh for Fantasy), which is also nice, but none of them have a ranking that high on 100+ votes the way Sweet Surrender does.

Worst Rated: Winter Wonderland has a 3.60 off of 10 votes, which I feel is because induction pieces aren’t really going to have much of a following on a mainstream erotica site even if it does have an explicit “Mind Control” section; while Cars has a 3.66 off of 32 votes, which I feel is because it was my first story and it kind of sucks compared to all the others. Even so, my worst stories poll as “slightly above average”, so I feel like I’m getting pretty strong feedback.

Most Commented: Urgent has six comments, although one of those is me politely asking a previous commenter what the holy living fuck he was talking about (he said it should have been explicitly labeled as “gay”, and he didn’t want to read that kind of “disgusting shit”. Which, setting aside the “huh?” factor of a porn reader who didn’t like lesbians, is still incorrect. It was in the “Lesbian” category, not “Mind Control”.) Other than that, Unwritten and Unsent both have five. Must be something about the “U”.

Anyway, hope that interests you! Feel free to head to Literotica and leave comments of your own!