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Tasty Little Fragments: Fangs of the Living Dead

October 14, 2011

You ever watch one of those movies (or TV shows, or read one of those books) where mind control is just enough of an element that you find yourself wishing that someone just a little bit kinkier had been writing and directing it? A scene that can’t even truly be called “erotic”, because it flashes past so fast that it doesn’t even have time to tantalize, but that you nonetheless find yourself returning to after the story is over? A little scene, a throwaway moment that only someone who shares your fetish would notice. But we do.

“Fangs of the Living Dead”, also known as “Malenka, the Vampire’s Niece” and “El Nipote del Vampiro” (in its original Italian) features Anita Ekberg as a naive young woman who inherits a castle in a tiny Eastern European country. Of course, it also turns out that there are legendary vampiric curses, secret treasures, madman’s schemes, and at least one twist within a twist that was added by the producers afterwards and renders the movie pretty much incoherent. But there is a very nice, albeit brief scene when Anita first arrives at the castle.

She’s left alone with a servant girl, who promptly menaces her with creepy talk about her uncle and her mother and the sinister secrets of the castle. Just when Anita is really starting to get irritated with the enigmatic hints, the servant girl leans in close (while wearing a low-cut dress that makes her astonishing cleavage impossible to ignore) and tells her, “We’ll talk of this later. For now, it is time to sleep.” And Anita practically sags onto the pillows, her face smoothing out into blank placidity as she says, “Yes…I am so sleepy…”

“Sleep,” the servant girl says. “Sleep, sleep…I will be here with you.” And as Anita flops out onto the pillows, the servant girl proceeds to kiss her shoulder. Anita stirs for a moment, but only for a moment…

And then the spoilsport uncle shows up. And of course, the servant girl was probably planning to bite her. (Except that as you find out later, she’s not a vampire. Okay, maybe this one isn’t so much “I wish someone kinkier was directing this” as “I wish this one was direct-to-video.”) Either way, it’s worth tracking down. And lucky you, it’s on YouTube!


Top Five Comic-Book Mind Controllers

September 11, 2011

As I’ve mentioned on occasion, I’m a big fan of comic books and always have been. As I’ve also mentioned on occasion, I’m a firm believer in the notion that a big part of the reason I turned out with the specific fetish I did is because I’m a comic book fan and comics (and sci-fi in general) are absolutely steeped in mind control with sexual connotations. (The corollary to this, BTW, is that a lot more science fiction fans have this fetish than admit to it. This was at least somewhat borne out when my Lady gave a talk on the use of hypnosis to enhance your sex life at an ostensibly straightforward science fiction convention, and the room was absolutely packed.)

But the point is, comics have lotsa mind control. I love mind control. I love comic books. And comic books contain some particularly fine examples of evil mind controllers who do sinister things and plot evil plans…in a way that always seems to imply sex without showing it. So who are the best? Read on!

5. The Mad Hatter. Obviously, he has to make the list. He’s one of the better-known mind controllers, being a solid B-list Batman villain, and there’s something twistedly beautiful about watching someone slip a seemingly innocent hat on their heads and seeing their eyes go into a blank, obedient stare…even though the Mad Hatter never did anything particularly decadent with his victims (which is why he’s only number five; he’s too much a proper Victorian gentleman to ever take advantage of his thralls) he still gets mad props for inspiring that delightful thought, “What could I do with one of those hats?”

4. The Purple Man. For a long time, he could have been much higher on the list. He had mind control powers left, right and center; he appeared in a lot of good stories where blank-eyed people did blank-eyed things at his command; and eventually, he fathered a daughter who became one of the few mind-controlling good guys (the Purple Girl, natch.) But the Brian Michael Bendis decided to write the character’s sexual subtext as actual text, and turned him into a sadistic mind-rapist who deliberately let his victims (such as young superheroine Jessica Jones) know they were being controlled just so that he could enjoy their fear and panic at being helpless. There is a certain strain of MC fetishist who enjoys a controller who’s that sociopathic, but it’s not me. So he’s only Number Four.

3. Poison Ivy. Sure, she’s sexy. Sure, she’s seductive. Sure, she has pheromones that make her irresistible to men (and how come we never see women falling victim to the seductive spell of other women? After all, Everything’s Better With Lesbians!) But there’s this little thing about how everyone she so much as kisses keels over dead. It’s hard to really work up a truly exciting sexual fantasy about a character when all your kinky dreams start with, “And just before I die…” A lot of the mind controllers who didn’t make the list have that same problem (and all the mind controlling vampires, too, although there’s a strong vampkink contingent out there who would no doubt disagree.)

2. Mandrill. On the one hand, he can’t place at the absolute top on this list because I’m a submissive and tend to put myself in the victim’s place in mind control scenarios, and it’s really hard to get interested in the thought of losing my will to a big hairy guy with a blue nose. On the other hand, he’s clearly one of the most overtly sexual mind controllers out there; he always has a harem of beautiful women hanging off his arm, they all talk about how much they love him and want to obey him and are utterly devoted to him, and in recent years it’s been made pretty obvious that his whole “multiple attempts to conquer the world” thing is what he does when he runs out of lube and condoms and needs to kill a little time until he can get to the Walgreen’s. For this alone, he ranks very high on the list, and if I was a hetero top instead of a hetero bottom, he’d rank #1.

1. Enchantress. But I’m a hetero bottom. And the Enchantress is unquestionably the best of the comic book mind controllers. She uses mind control almost exclusively. She enthralls men with her seductive powers and makes them her thralls. And her end goal? Pretty much just to fuck Thor. Sure, she wouldn’t mind unbelievable mystic power and wealth and control of all that which she sees, but that would all be kind of secondary to getting Thor under her power so that she can have as much kinky sex with him as she wants. (Really, when you put it that way, why exactly is Thor working so hard to fight her? These are the kinds of questions that led me to a lifetime of writing mind control fetish porn.)

The One Time I Can’t Be Hypnotized

July 1, 2011

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while might have gotten the idea that when it comes to resisting hypnosis, I’m a marshmallow…especially when it comes to Lady Ru’etha. Those of you who have gotten that idea would be abso-freaking-lutely right. I am a total marshmallow. I am totally unable to resist Lady Ru’etha. Absolutely totally no resistance at all…most of the time.

But when I’m in the car, none of Lady Ru’etha’s tricks work. Her most hypnotic, sensual words bounce right off my skull. Even Her triggers don’t do anything. I am completely and totally impervious to Lady Ru’etha’s hypnosis, indeed to any hypnosis, whenever I’m behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

Why? Because Lady Ru’etha commanded it. Back at the beginning of our relationship, She put in several commands designed to ensure my safety and reassure me that She did, in fact, have my best interests at heart. One of them was that whenever I was driving, I would be immune to hypnosis and would not go into a trance no matter what…because trance and driving don’t mix. (General rule of thumb, there: Trance and driving DO NOT MIX. Fun safety tip from your friendly neighborhood Jukebox!)

She’s had fun a few times testing Her command just to make sure that I won’t go under. I never have. It makes me feel safer…which means, in turn, that I go under that much easier when I’m not in the car. Because hypnosis is ultimately a bond of trust…and by showing me that She cares about my safety, She has made that bond that much stronger.

MST3K Vs. Hypnosis, Volume Six

May 29, 2011

Last week, I talked about “The She-Creature”, but I didn’t really talk about it, if you get my meaning. I just sort of mentioned in passing. This week, I’ll delve into the whole thing in a bit more depth. But, y’know, not too much more, because this is just a blog entry, after all. It’s not like I’m writing “War and Peace” something.

“The She-Creature” is a movie that’s actually kind of interesting, from a strictly sociological perspective. It captures a particular zeitgeist, of an era when the belief that past lives could be experienced through hypnosis was widely discussed and very popular thanks to the famous case of Bridey Murphy. (Ignore the bits about how the debunking has been debunked. The problem with an encyclopedia that anyone can edit is that, well, anyone can edit it.) Pretty much everyone knew about “past-life regression” back then, and that informed the movie in a big way. As a result, you get a film about a Sinister Hypnotist(tm) attempting to use past-life regression to summon an evil monster, and a heroic parapsychologist (the Roger Corman movie “The Undead” is another film with a heroic parapsychologist, a pretty rare trope as far as film is concerned) who tries to stop him. (Oddly, the parapsychologist is also presented as a skeptic, despite seeming to have full and accurate knowledge of all the same techniques the bad guy is using.) It’s actually kind of cool to see how films of a particular era synthesized the fears and fascinations of that era into fiction, even if they’re not exactly “high art”.

That, plus the hypnokinky elements, are pretty much the only things you’ll find interesting about “The She-Creature”. The script is dull and plodding, everyone on screen should have one of those little “NOT AN ACTOR” subtitles under their names, and the monster…okay, by the standards of the time, the monster’s not bad. Not very “She-Creature”, but not bad. But it’s about the best element of a story that’s too long, too repetitive, and contains about 100% too much Lance Fuller. But there are plenty of hypnosis scenes if you like that sort of thing (but come on, who among my readers would actually like to watch two guys dueling for hypnotic control of a beautiful woman?) and the riffing on this episode is top-notch. The “Lance Fuller School of Not Acting” sketch is worth tracking down the episode for all on its own.

A Novel Induction

April 27, 2011

You hear a lot about different inductions, but they all tend to be of the “look at my swinging (watch/crystal/pendant/jockstrap/ham sandwich) and feel your eyes getting heavy”, or “listen to the ticking metronome and the sound of my voice” variety. There aren’t a lot of kinesthetic inductions out there, and so when I got hit with one yesterday, I decided to blog about it. (And it had nothing at all to do with Lady Ru’etha suggesting I blog about it. No siree.)

The induction itself was almost ludicrously simple; She and I were standing next to the enormous bean bag couch in our basement (it can be unzipped to reveal two king-size beds inside) and She just gave me a gentle push. I fell backwards onto the bean bag; She flopped down next to me, and by the time She did, I was already under. Something about the motion of falling backwards, combined with the stimulus of Her push and the knowledge that She wanted me to fall, combined with the relaxing feeling of falling onto something soft and cushioning…it was just a perfect way to fall into trance, literally. I went about as deep as I ever go, and in a very short period of time.

I’d like to tell you that we then went on to do naughty things, but there really wasn’t time. 🙂 She woke me after a few minutes and we went on with our busy day. But it was a very nice way of going under, one I suspect She’ll play with again when we have a little more time to explore it.

Rapport Is Wonderful

April 20, 2011

It’s genuinely amazing, sometimes, just how much my conditioning has put me into rapport with Lady Ru’etha. The other night, we were cuddling together in bed, and I was reading to Her (this is actually pretty common for us. She likes the way I read, and I like…well, I like things that She likes. 🙂 ) While we were so cuddling, She was touching me in some very enjoyable ways in some very enjoyable places. But it didn’t actually disrupt my reading at all.

The second I was done with the selection I was reading, I dropped into trance instantly and started to give off little whimpers of pleasure. My whole mindset changed, focusing on just what She was doing to my body for the first time (and my body started, um, reacting in ways that it hadn’t been when I was reading.) Understand, She wasn’t doing anything different to me than She had when I was reading: It was simply that on a subconscious level, I understood that I had a service I was performing, and it wasn’t time to feel that pleasure to its fullest extent and react accordingly. But as soon as I was done, my subconscious understood that it was time to do, um…other things. Very happy other things. 🙂

It’s nice, knowing that my conditioning has taken root so deeply that She doesn’t need inductions or even triggers (although She still enjoys using them, of course.) All that’s really needed by now is an understanding of Her will…and after almost a decade of knowing each other, my understanding is pretty well honed.

The Hows and Whys of Mind Control: Hypnosis

April 2, 2011

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about the stories I’ve written, and about different ways you can categorize them. Simon, of course, goes by “who’s controlling who”, but other people have talked about “romantic” vs. “sociopathic”, “light” vs. ‘dark”…but one that I’ve been thinking about is the method of control. So I figured I’d do a series of posts talking about the different ways that minds get controlled in erotic mind control stories (not just mine, of course, but I’ll be using mine as examples.) This will be an irregular series, going on until I can’t think of any more. 🙂

The first and most common method, at least in my stories, is hypnosis. Hypnosis involves inducing a state of heightened mental focus, relaxation, and (most importantly for our purposes) increased suggestibility through the use of a hypnotic focus and an induction. Traditionally, the focus is visual and the induction is verbal, but stories have used non-verbal inductions and non-visual foci (“Flesh for Fantasy” has a good example of a non-visual focus.) The goal of hypnosis, in erotic mind control stories, is to increase the suggestibility of the subject, allowing the hypnotist to implant ideas in their mind that they obey (and usually obey without realizing that they are obeying as the result of a suggestion.)

Hypnosis is unique in that it’s the only method of mind control that can actually be used in real life; EMC stories, however, frequently take liberties with what is possible using hypnosis. Some stories, such as “True”, use what I like to think of as “cinematic hypnosis”; others, like “Soft and Wet”, use realistic hypnosis and are based to some extent on true stories. The exact limits of what can really be done with hypnosis remain uncertain, as most hypnosis research doesn’t focus on how it can be used for sex. 🙂

Some stories of mine that prominently feature hypnosis: “True Colors”, “Feels Like the First Time”, “Who Can It Be Now?”, “Don’t Speak”.

A Word to the Unwise

March 30, 2011

Y’know, at this point I’ve been a member of the hypnokink community for about a decade. Longer than some, less than others, and some of that time was spent as a quiet lurker, but the point is that I’ve been around long enough to see a few patterns emerge. And one of those is…well, we pretty much all approached the fetish through Simon bar Sinister’s Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive. Reading the stories that he’s meticulously collected is the gateway for most people into hypnokink, which means that one of the first things they read is the disclaimers on Simon’s website. Specifically, Disclaimer #3, which reads, “This site is for fantasy only. The situations described here are at best impossible or at worst highly immoral in real life. Anyone wishing to try this stuff for real should seek psychological help and/or get a life.”

But as a lot of people (including pretty much everyone who reads this blog) has found out, that’s not 100% true. Simon treats it as though it were, of course, because he’s running a website and doesn’t want to get sued by someone who read one of the stories there and decided it’d be a good idea to kidnap a teenage girl and drug her with experimental chemicals to see if he can brainwash her. That’s the sort of thing disclaimers are for. But the fact of the matter is, some of the situations described in some of the stories are not impossible, and are…well, at least only moderately immoral in real life. 🙂

There is a certain type of person, though, that believes that if the disclaimer is not entirely true, then that must mean it is entirely untrue. They find out that you can do lots of fun, sexy things to men and women with hypnosis, and they go out and learn hypnosis with the full intent of using it for fun, sexy things. This is, of course, not at all a bad thing in and of itself. Fun sexy things are fun. BUT…

I have seen, over the years, people who have gotten so excited about the idea of being able to indulge their fetish for hypnosis that they forget that the person on the other side of the watch is a person. (To quote Terry Pratchett, “There’s only one true evil in this world, and that’s treating people like they were things.”) They get so turned on by the idea of being able to actually, really, genuinely command another human being to do whatever they say that they do exactly that, even when those commands are pushing very real limits that the other person has. Sometimes it’s trying to trigger someone in an inappropriate situation (like at work, or with family.) Sometimes it’s trying to bypass their hard limits (like getting them to send photos or reveal personal information.) Sometimes it’s trying to get them to forget things that they probably shouldn’t forget (like the inappropriate things that the hypnotist tried earlier.)

In general, these people usually wind up with a bad reputation in the community, just like tops in the BDSM community who don’t respect safewords get bad reputations. I generally don’t call out bad hypnotists, because there’s always plenty of people to do it for me. I will, however, give you a word of advice. If you’re thinking about getting into hypnokink, and if you recognize some of what I described in yourself (and you don’t have to admit it to me, if you do. Just admit it to yourself…) listen to this.

I won’t say that you’ll wind up some sort of pariah. You’ll still be able to find bottoms from time to time, just because there’s always someone who just wants the experience (either because they’re curious, or because they miss it a lot and don’t have a good hypnodom/me they can call their own.) But those people will not stay. They will wind up unhappy with you, they will stop trusting you, and you will lose those good relationships. That beautiful, wonderful person that has trusted their mind to you will walk away, and hypnosis will not help you keep them. Their subconscious is trusting, their subconscious is welcoming, but their subconscious is not stupid and it is there to protect them. And you will wind up losing someone that you will wish you’d treated better. So remember…they’re people. Not things.

Top Five Ostensibly Kid’s Stories That Seem Kinky Now (And Kind Of Did Then, Too, But You Were Too Young To Know What Those Feelings Meant)

February 1, 2011

Looking back, the roots of hypno-kink really do start early. Sometimes, it’s things that stuck out in your mind as a kid, absolutely fascinating you even though you didn’t know why they fascinated you and what it meant that you read it with a sort of strange excitement. Until, of course, you grow up and find all the mind-control porn and suddenly find yourself reacting in a way you understand a lot better now. 🙂 Some stand out more than others, but these seem to be the consensus five that every hypno-kinky grown-up recognizes from their dim and distant past:

5. A Wrinkle In Time. As if you need to be told, the relevant scenes here are on Camazotz, the world where everyone does everything in unison, even blinking, because they’re under the control of a giant telepathic brain named “IT”. The sequences where people are described as acting as a perfect synchronized group because they’re all in IT’s thrall, and particularly the scene where Meg struggles against IT’s control, fails, and has to be rescued because her mind is falling under IT’s dominion, well…they’re notable.

4. (tie) “The Masque of Mandragora”/”The Talons of Weng-Chiang”. No sexual context here, but both of these scenes stick out strongly in the minds of anyone hypno-kinky who saw them as kids. In one, the Doctor’s companion Sarah Jane Smith is mesmerized by a swaying pendant, and Lis Sladen did a very good job of acting hypnotized in an absolutely gorgeous way. In the other, a Sinister Hypnotist(tm) with Glowing Eyes(tm) ensnares a young woman and spirits her off to a Terrible Fate (all rights reserved.) Doctor Who loved the hypnosis in general (Roger Delgado spent years hypnotizing people left, right and center) but these two scenes are the champs.

3. The Dark Phoenix Saga. Oh, come on. Jean Grey gets brainwashed into thinking that she’s a debauched 17th century dominatrix as part of a plot to destroy the team? This wasn’t covertly kinky, it was out-and-out softcore porn starring the X-Men. With great art by John Byrne (who drew a very pretty redhead) and great writing by Chris Claremont (who was never afraid to let his MC kink flag fly), this was a defining moment for a generation of geeks. Runners-up, for the curious, involve the Purple Man (who later got a more overt MC kink story in ‘Alias’), the Mandrill and his pheromones that made women fall in love with him, and the Squadron Supreme Behavior Modifier.

2. The Jungle Book. Sure, in retrospect getting squirmy over a scene involving a giant snake and a little boy is deeply shameful. But the glowing, crazy-spiral eyes and the song, “Trust in me…” with all the sibilant esses…it’s hard to deny that this got to you, despite the fact that you have no interest in either of the principals of the sequence. (Although I suspect some wound up with a weird snake fetish and never could figure out exactly what it was that made them seem so sexy…)

1. The Silver Chair. This is really the archetypal “non-sexual but somehow sexual anyway” mind control scene in literature. The beautiful sorceress with her sweet, poisonous charms. The thick, sleepy fog that steals the protagonists’ will. The slow, enticing sapping of the will until the heroes can’t think of any reason why they need to ever disagree with the villainess. The vague, unspecified plans for the heroes that don’t seem to involve death…especially for Prince Rilian, who’s been under the Green Lady’s thrall for an awful long time. How many of us finished the chapter thinking to themselves, “Stupid Puddleglum”? And then thought for years that we were the only ones to think that? (And just think, we’re probably just a few years away from a big-budget screen version of it!)

Any on your list?

Sweet Nothings

January 16, 2011

Last night, in a wonderful “happy accident”…well, technically, I’m pretty sure She planned it, and I’m certain it would have happened later if it hadn’t happened last night…but last night, Lady Ru’etha wound up taking a long, late nap, and as such was much less tired than I was when it got on towards the end of the evening. She sent me to bed before Her, and I was sound asleep by the time She got to bed.

So She hypnotized me.

There’s a whole different feeling to being tranced from a sleep state as opposed to a waking state. Even though sleep and trance are two different states, the process of emerging from sleep causes your brainwaves to pass through most of the trance states on your way up. And when there’s an expert hypnotist there, rousing you from sleep with a hypnotic induction, the result feels a lot like suddenly finding yourself in the deepest possible trance you could ever have imagined. Because you start to emerge from sleep, but before you can get any kind of traction, your brain says, “Hey, wait, I should be in trance!” And so you are.

As a result there are parts of it that I don’t remember. Lady Ru’etha tells me that I responded to Her verbally, so it wasn’t just that I hadn’t woken up yet, but I was just so deep that most of it is resting very comfortably in the back of my mind. I do remember that it was probably the deepest trance I’ve ever experienced; there were absolutely no filters at all between my mind and Her words. She said it, I thought it, full stop. Which led to some extremely wonderful experiences between the two of us. 😉

Afterwards, She held me and sent me right back down into sleep without ever really getting back into anything close to a waking state. It was a blissful, restful experience that melted the boundaries between trance and sleep perfectly, and oh yes, there was some very nummy brainwashing involved. I hope everyone gets the chance to experience that some day, because it’s just too nice to keep to myself.