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“Classicks” Now Available For Purchase!

February 18, 2011

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I have another collection of exciting mind control stories out and available for purchase at my Lulu store! Once again, the delightful and fantastically talented Sue-chan has done an amazing cover for me, and this time the foreword was written by the delicious and also fantastically talented Flibinite! There is science fiction, breast expansion, video games, comedy, a story co-written by the beyond wonderful Lady Ru’etha, super heroes, and much much more! Add to that a complete “behind the scenes” section, describing the creative process behind each story, and how can you turn it down?

In all seriousness, I really do hope that you can at least chip in five bucks for the download edition. That’s less than twenty-five cents a story, and if you like my writing, it’s a really good, inexpensive way to show your support and appreciation that gets you something in return (notably, the stories well in advance of the EMCSA.) I don’t mind giving my stories away for free, but I also rely on the kindness of strangers. Think of this as a slightly higher-class version of passing the hat at the end of the performance. 🙂

And which stories exactly are you getting? Read on!


Word to the Wise…

February 10, 2011

I’ll be at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket this weekend in Providence with Lady Ru’etha, and rumor has it that I will have ebooks available for sale (including, quite possibly, a brand new one premiering this weekend exclusive to the con!) If you are kinky and attending, feel free to look me up and we can talk hypnosis, or just geekery in general.

Top Five Ostensibly Kid’s Stories That Seem Kinky Now (And Kind Of Did Then, Too, But You Were Too Young To Know What Those Feelings Meant)

February 1, 2011

Looking back, the roots of hypno-kink really do start early. Sometimes, it’s things that stuck out in your mind as a kid, absolutely fascinating you even though you didn’t know why they fascinated you and what it meant that you read it with a sort of strange excitement. Until, of course, you grow up and find all the mind-control porn and suddenly find yourself reacting in a way you understand a lot better now. 🙂 Some stand out more than others, but these seem to be the consensus five that every hypno-kinky grown-up recognizes from their dim and distant past:

5. A Wrinkle In Time. As if you need to be told, the relevant scenes here are on Camazotz, the world where everyone does everything in unison, even blinking, because they’re under the control of a giant telepathic brain named “IT”. The sequences where people are described as acting as a perfect synchronized group because they’re all in IT’s thrall, and particularly the scene where Meg struggles against IT’s control, fails, and has to be rescued because her mind is falling under IT’s dominion, well…they’re notable.

4. (tie) “The Masque of Mandragora”/”The Talons of Weng-Chiang”. No sexual context here, but both of these scenes stick out strongly in the minds of anyone hypno-kinky who saw them as kids. In one, the Doctor’s companion Sarah Jane Smith is mesmerized by a swaying pendant, and Lis Sladen did a very good job of acting hypnotized in an absolutely gorgeous way. In the other, a Sinister Hypnotist(tm) with Glowing Eyes(tm) ensnares a young woman and spirits her off to a Terrible Fate (all rights reserved.) Doctor Who loved the hypnosis in general (Roger Delgado spent years hypnotizing people left, right and center) but these two scenes are the champs.

3. The Dark Phoenix Saga. Oh, come on. Jean Grey gets brainwashed into thinking that she’s a debauched 17th century dominatrix as part of a plot to destroy the team? This wasn’t covertly kinky, it was out-and-out softcore porn starring the X-Men. With great art by John Byrne (who drew a very pretty redhead) and great writing by Chris Claremont (who was never afraid to let his MC kink flag fly), this was a defining moment for a generation of geeks. Runners-up, for the curious, involve the Purple Man (who later got a more overt MC kink story in ‘Alias’), the Mandrill and his pheromones that made women fall in love with him, and the Squadron Supreme Behavior Modifier.

2. The Jungle Book. Sure, in retrospect getting squirmy over a scene involving a giant snake and a little boy is deeply shameful. But the glowing, crazy-spiral eyes and the song, “Trust in me…” with all the sibilant esses…it’s hard to deny that this got to you, despite the fact that you have no interest in either of the principals of the sequence. (Although I suspect some wound up with a weird snake fetish and never could figure out exactly what it was that made them seem so sexy…)

1. The Silver Chair. This is really the archetypal “non-sexual but somehow sexual anyway” mind control scene in literature. The beautiful sorceress with her sweet, poisonous charms. The thick, sleepy fog that steals the protagonists’ will. The slow, enticing sapping of the will until the heroes can’t think of any reason why they need to ever disagree with the villainess. The vague, unspecified plans for the heroes that don’t seem to involve death…especially for Prince Rilian, who’s been under the Green Lady’s thrall for an awful long time. How many of us finished the chapter thinking to themselves, “Stupid Puddleglum”? And then thought for years that we were the only ones to think that? (And just think, we’re probably just a few years away from a big-budget screen version of it!)

Any on your list?