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Coming Attractions, May 2009

April 30, 2009

The new month rears its head yet again–hopefully, you’ve got lots of good things to look forward to already this month, but just in case, let me add a few with this month’s “Coming Attractions”!

(5/3) Weird Science: A transcript of a talk given by Penelope Walden (of “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades”) to the MIT Women In Science Study Group on unconventional career choices in science. (Probable tags: mc fd mf ff hu.)

(5/10) Push: The story of a man who developed a talent for making people like him, and how he wound up working for the mob. (Probable tags: mc md mf.)

(5/17) Hip To Be Square: You all know the drill; sorority full of stuck-up hot women, fraternity of nerdy guys, mysterious device in the basement altering the girls’ brains…but something’s a little different this time. (Probable tags: mc mf ff md fd hu bd ds.)

(5/24) Uninvited: Ben wakes up in bed with a strange woman that he doesn’t remember meeting. Which wouldn’t be too strange, except he wasn’t drinking last night, he never left the house, and she’s not human. (Probable tags: mc fd mf.)

(5/31) Don’t You Forget About Me: Every day, Missy and Beth are taken to the Chair, and must fight to keep their memories of each other. (Probable tags: mc ff. And just in case Thrall is reading this, if there were tags for “dark” and “contains blank-eyed women wearing black latex”, I’d use ’em. 🙂 )

(Disclaimer: All dates are estimates, not guarantees; circumstances beyond my control may delay the posting of a story. All I can guarantee is that all stories mentioned in this post are finished.)

Conversational Tidbits

April 25, 2009

From an online chat with Lady Ru’etha this morning…

“See, this is why I plan to ask Mom and Dad for plane tickets to visit You for my birthday. Because I just don’t think they’d understand why I’d want vibrating nipple clips…”

“Or maybe they would, which is even more disturbing.”

Hypnosis and Sleep

April 21, 2009

So I was talking to Thrall the other day, and she asked me, “I’ve heard that an hour under hypnosis is as good as eight hours of sleep. Is that true?”

Sadly, it isn’t, or I’d be a lot more productive. But it is true that hypnosis and sleep are similar enough states that you’re probably getting the same amount of rest when in trance that you would be sleeping for the same amount of time. I know there are times when I’m feeling very tired and wiped out, and I just go and run through a single loop of “Voice”…afterwards, I feel like I’ve taken about an hour-long nap, and I’m able to go ahead and finish whatever I was doing. (Which is sometimes just playing video games–see “wishing I was more productive”, above.)

This turns out to be very useful at the conventions I attend with Lady Ru’etha, where a) sleep is always an under-stocked commodity, and b) trance is always plentiful (and fun.) At Dark Odyssey, back in February, I actually tranced Her out on the last night of the con, because I couldn’t go to sleep or I’d risk missing my 7 AM flight and She was too keyed up from the emotions that the last night of the con stirred. So instead, I just hypnotized Her, and spent a good four or five hours deepening Her. I woke Her briefly before I left, to say goodbye, then triggered Her back into trance and let Her deepen Herself back into sleep. The next day, She woke up far more refreshed than She really should have given how much sleep She got, and I got the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing I’d helped my Lady.

So yes, hypnosis is a very good sleep substitute…which may explain why Thrall was having trouble sleeping after spending a whole day tinkering with Virtual Hypnotist. But I’ll let her tell that story on her own blog. 🙂

Mellowed Out

April 12, 2009

I hadn’t posted about the third of Lady Ru’etha’s erotic hypnosis CDs before now, mainly because that one was the only one of the three that wasn’t actually a new experience for me. I’m not usually into the kinks that go into Her “Kittenfur” or “Robotic Transformation” CDs (although as discussed in this blog, once I listened to them, I surprised myself) but a hypnotic fantasy sequence tailored for men, with a powerful female voice seducing them into pleasure? Um, yeah. She kind of suspected I might like that one. 🙂 I’d already heard “Mountain Lake” months before She put it out as a CD.

But I am egotistical enough to think that people might just be buying these CDs based on my somewhat biased testimonials (and I again remind everyone that I belong to Lady Ru’etha and am happy to admit it. In the words of P.G. Wodehouse, “Admit it? I’m proud of it!” So yes, in theory She could just make me say nice things about Her CDs to get you to buy them. But in practice, She knows that would just leave Her feeling all hollow inside, so She trusts me to give an honest opinion. 🙂 ) And the thought that “Mountain Lake”, which I already knew to be awesome, would get left alone in the big virtual CD bin on the Internet, just because I was plugging its siblings, well…this could not stand. So on went the light and sound machine, and it was time for a refresher course with “Mountain Lake”!

This one is easily the most relaxing of the three–in fact, it was so relaxing that for most of the “Safe Space” track that precedes the actual fantasy, I was bordering on sleep. My thoughts were disjointed and wandering, and my conscious mind had long periods where it wasn’t actually paying attention to the recording at all. (This is actually a good sign, for a trance junkie like me. When you’re in that state where you’re hearing but not really listening, then you’re accepting without really thinking, and anyone reading this blog probably thinks that sentence is hotter than porn. 🙂 )

This drifty, spaced-out state lasted pretty much all the way until I’d descended back into my safe space and gone through the door into the fantasy, and then my subconscious started to prompt me to pay a bit more attention. Which wasn’t to say I was less relaxed–the fantasy that Lady Ru’etha guides you through is really so calm and soothing that it’s almost like a dream anyway. Which isn’t to say it’s not erotic, but it’s more of a sensual reverie than an animal lust. This is like waking up to a beautiful woman seducing you and not being sure if you’ve actually woken up or not.

The femdom aspect continues that whole sensual, dreamy feel of the recording–for those of you who are not complete submissives, like me, you can relax. There’s no “Lick my boot, you worthless worm!” type of stuff in here. (In fact, I’ve never heard Lady Ru’etha call anyone a “worthless worm” in my life. Not even actual worms–She tells them that they’re doing a great job aerating the soil, and that they’re vital to the ecology. …but I’m rambling.) It’s very warm, very soothing, and as much about seduction as it is about control. Think of it as the difference between forcing you to submit…and just making you want to surrender all on your own.

All that (plus the fact that it was my Lady’s Voice) made it very easy to just melt into the fantasy, and I’m not really sure when I lost track of the fact that it wasn’t happening. I wasn’t hallucinating it, or anything; I’d just gone deep enough into trance that I was passively accepting everything I was hearing, not thinking critically about it at all. I was whatever She wanted me to be in that moment, and it was delightful.

It was every bit as good as I remembered it being, and this is my gift for understatement at work–I woke up with a little bit of cleaning up to do. Luckily for my sheets, I’ve figured out a little trick with the light and sound machine; I may not have the energy to reach up and pull the goggles off, but I do have the energy to squeeze my eyes shut tighter. And when I do that, I can’t see the lights, and when I can’t see the lights, I can snap myself out of it and pull the goggles off. So that takes care of the lingering “lying there in a daze for fifteen minutes after listening to the CD” issue. 🙂

This one is probably the best one for people (okay, men, although I think She’s slightly overstating the whole “for men” thing–She mentions a cock once or twice) who want to just dip their toes into the whole “erotic hypnosis” thing. It doesn’t feature heavy conditioning, heavy D/s, or really anything heavy at all. It’s a light, mellow, relaxing bit of mental meditation…with orgasms. Beats the hell out of yoga any day, huh?

Coming Attractions, April 2009

April 1, 2009

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! Through the miraculous magic of my predictive powers, I can forsee hints of stories yet to come, tales that will be arriving on the EMCSA over the course of the next month! Do you dare to learn about these omens, these portents of my future writing? Read on!

(4/5) Talk Dirty To Me: A prim English teacher runs afoul of a student who’s trying to get expelled so she can focus on her phone sex business. (Probable tags: mc ff and possibly hm.)

(4/12) How Far We’ve Come: It’s Spring Cleaning time for the harem of telepathic mind controller Martine; will she decide to keep Zoe for another year? (Probable tags: mc ff.)

(4/19) Goody Two-Shoes: Chastity and Nicole are determined to corrupt sweet, innocent Paula with a good old-fashioned “girls’ night out.” But how far will Chastity go, and can anyone really be as innocent as Paula seems? (Probable tags: mc ff.) This story is also available in my anthology, “Rose-Colored Glasses”, available as a print-on-demand book from

(4/26) Unsent: Justine writes a letter to her ex-boyfriend about what’s happening to her at work, and why she can’t tell her friends or family about it. (Probable tags: mc mf ff.)

(Disclaimer: All dates are estimates, not guarantees; circumstances beyond my control may delay the posting of a story. All I can guarantee is that all stories mentioned in this post are finished.)